Car Detailing in Hiawatha, IA

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a brand-new car. From the pristine paint job to the unblemished interior, your car is never fresher than when it rolls off the lot for the first time. But, while it might be a few years old, Corridor Automotive Specialist can make it feel like it’s brand-new once again through meticulous car detailing in Hiawatha, Linn County, Robins, and Cedar Rapids, IA.

We’re ready to give your car top-to-bottom attention, inside and out. From paint correction, buffing and polishing the exterior, cleaning and treating your interior, to degreasing your engine and dressing your tires, expect the best treatment from our auto detailing experts.

Interior Detailing and Exterior Service

Whether you want an exterior that sparkles flawlessly in the sun or you’re due for interior detailing in Hiawatha, IA to remove years of buildups and debris, our capabilities are tailored to address your car. We offer a basic detailing package, but will gladly add and customize services around the condition and demands of your car. Our abilities include:

Every treatment we administer to your car is done with care and precision, resulting in a vehicle that looks and feels fresh and clean.

Schedule Auto Detailing

If a quick vacuum and car wash just aren’t cutting it anymore, it might be time to give your car some focused attention. Contact Corridor Automotive Specialist today to schedule car detailing in Hiawatha, IA and watch as we restore your car back to a like-new, just-rolled-off-the-lot level of perfection.

We offer exterior and interior detailing services, with customizable packages for your specific needs. Call 319-393-4496 today to schedule auto detailing, paintless dent repair, installation for truck bed covers, and more, and breathe new life into your car, no matter how many miles might be on it.

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